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Su Jok therapy is the last achievement of the eastern medicine. It is better than all known self-treatment methods and is the most powerful way to keep fit with no help .

Su Jok therapy is elaborated as a healing method by the Korean scientist - professor doctor Park Jea Woo - and has been defined as one of the great medical discoveries of 20 th century.

SIMPLE, EASY TO UNDERSTAND - you can learn it for a couple of hours and it is not necessary to have medical education. It is so easy to understand that in Russia (where it has been widely spread) the therapy is being successfully learned at some kindergartens and since 1997 it has been taught at many of the secondary schools.

PRACTICAL - you can carry out medical procedures while watching TV, while walking or talking with friends.

- not only by the treatment of the common illnesses, which "chase" us in our daily round but also with cases difficult to cure even by the modern medicine - including some cancer diseases. Often the curing effect is immediate and proves itself by the very first procedure.

WIDE-SPECTRUM - the su jok therapy can cure almost every disease. With the help of this therapy every organ, every single part of the body can be cured.

HARMLESS - even if you don't practise it right, it won't do any harm to you. It will simply do no good. According to professor Zhanaidarov (president of the su jok association in Kazakhstan) su jok erases the borderline between self-treatment, which the official medicine doesn't approve and prophylaxis, which is encouraged by this medicine.

Up t ill now in the history of mankind such a treating method ha sn`t existed, a method so simple, convenient to use, practical and efficient. That`s why su jok therapy is defined as one of the great medical discoveries of 20 th century.


The su jok therapy consists of two levels differentiating by their indicators, possibilities and complexity.
The first level is constructed on the basis of correspondence systems located on the hands and feet. It is very easy to be learned and can be used by everyone without special preparation. The first level is represented in Plamen Ivanov's book - Su jok and moxa - self-treatment guide.
With the first su jok level each disease with an exact address can be treated. So it is necessary to know where its starting point is, which organ or part of the body is diseased. However it doesn't matter what the nature of the disease is. From the point of view of the first su jok therapy level there is no difference if your stomach has ulcer, gastritis or something else. The healing impulses created through the stimulation of the pain su jok points attack the disease no matter what it is.
With the fisrt level of su jok can be successfully healed local diseases of the: eyes, brain, rhinopharynx, ears, teeth, sinuses, all endocrines, respiratory organs, lung, heart, spleen, kidneys, bladder, ovaries, genitals, skin, limbs, spinal column and all other organs that we haven't mentioned but which have their projections on the hands and feet. It's enough to locate the projection of the diseased organ on your hand or foot to find the pain points, which have appeared there and to stimulate them.
With the first level of the su jok therapy can't be healed: diseases spread on vast zones and entire body systems, unknown symptoms, diseases that led to irreversible organic changes of the tissues.
The second level of the su jok therapy is based on the energies, circulating in human body. It is more complicated than the first level but it can also be learned and used on your own.
Unlike the first level, which despite its high effectiveness has some limitations, with the second one can also be cured diseases spread on vast body areas, diseases affected entire body systems, several diseases at the same time, pathological disorders can be successfully influenced.
Further we will introduce in details the second level of the su jok therapy to the visitors of our site. We are getting ready for publishing a practical guide for independent learning of the method.


Su means Hand & Jok means Foot in Korean language.


Simply touch the tip of your thump with that of the index finger of any hand, or both the hands, gently (all these points on our fingertips correspond to our brain). After a few seconds, one can feel pulsation at these points.

Close your eyes for a minute. Repeat this action for few times and see the miraculous result.

Amplifying the Energy of the Chakras

Chakras are the subtle energy centers of the body.  The ancient Indian Yogis understood the nature of the subtle energy which drives all biological function.  They called these centers “Chakras” which literally means “ wheels.”   Those who see energy often perceive the chakras as spinning with a wheel-like appearance.

This energy is most commonly referred to as chi or prana and it is the animating force behind all living things. Physiologists who search for a purely physical explanation of all biological activity are on a fool’s quest, like a man dissecting a piano in order to find the concerto hidden inside.  The mystery is vast.

Somewhat like Dr. Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” which moves from survival, to sex, to emotional well-being, etc., the chakras have a similar hierarchy.

  • The first chakra at the base of the spine vibrates with the energy of safety and security.
  • The second chakra across from the genitals holds the energy of sex, procreation and creativity.
  • The third chakra at the solar plexus carries the energy of emotional expression.
  • The fourth chakra at the heart vibrates love.
  • The fifth chakra is at the throat and holds the energy of communication.
  • The sixth chakra is at the “ third eye” between the brows and holds energy for insight, awareness and wisdom. 
  • The seventh chakra is at the crown of the head and  and helps us open to our spirituality.   

Most people who are familiar with the chakras do not realize that you can activate and amplify the energy of the chakras to assist yourself and others for the purpose of healing.  Since energy follows thought, when you put your attention into the chakras, you are also bringing energy there.  Since breath carries the life-force energy, breathing may also amplify the energy.  When you have learned to link powerful body awareness exercises with focused breathing, and vortex the chakras, the energy you generate becomes remarkable

The advantages of Su Jok

The advantages of Su Jok therapy are:
• Su Jok virtually gives instant relief, in 4 - 16 sessions.
• There are no side effects; and there are no reports or tests to undergo.
• Su Jok is considered as an advancement in the arena of acupuncture.
• When compared to other holistic methods of healing Sujok is simple and uncomplicated.
• SuJok therapy is accurate and effective.
• This method is economical and within the reach of the common man.

Su Jok treatment has become so simple that you can treat yourself with your fingers for common ailments like a headache, stomach ache or even stress. Now Su Jok therapy can be used for treating at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

To learn acupressure it takes 20 to 25 days while learning Su Jok therapy takes only about 20 minutes. In the former you have to remember at least 150 points and if pressure is applied at wrong point, you may damage the nerve. Here points are self-revealing. One does not need to remember them. By applying slight pressure the sensitive points can be found out.

Anyone can easily learn and practise it. So, prompt relief from pain is just a hand’s throw away. Go for it!

Relax. Why not try Su Jok therapy for a change?

Su Jok is a Korean healing science, popularized by Park Jae Woo, who encapsulated the teachings of acupuncture. Acupuncture uses the entire body to heal, whereas Su Jok can now heal by treating just two fingers.

Delhi-based Dr Pradeep Sharma, president of the Su Jok Association of India, says that a lot of diseases can be cured by this therapy.

The fingers used are the index and middle finger of the left hand; and the ring and little finger of the right hand.

“The body consists of five elements and whenever there is an imbalance of these elements - there is pain/disease,” says Dr Sharma. “This therapy provides a metaphysical cure of the problem, be it stress, asthma, cold etc.”

The concise form of Su Jok uses minute equipment - the smallest of needles, magnets and colour rings. Dr Sharma says his tiny needles are sterilized by gamma rays and the magnet, which is the size of a nail, is powerful enough to heal you instantly.